Re: gucharmap


On Mon, Jan 13, 2003 at 10:29:04 +0000, Glynn Foster wrote:
> I think the first thing that you should try to do is to try and get it
> included into the 5th toe release, which is expected sometime after we
> release 2.2. 

Ok. What does this mean, and how do I do it? :)

> I'm not entirely convinced that the UI is right for the average user
> right now - it may be worth mailing usability gnome org for ideas of how
> to clean it up. It would be good to take a complete set of screenshots
> for them to look at [including menu entries, dialogs, etc..]. Obviously
> I'm basing these comments off 0.1 - I see 0.2 is much improved ;)

On irc about a month ago, Seth "peed" (his word) on 0.1, and
suggested a bunch of stuff. 0.2 basically incorporates his

I'll put some screenshots together and send a link to the
usability list anyway.

> We also need to think about any accessibility requirements - the use of
> a GtkDrawingArea might present some problems to overcome.

Definitely, but I don't know what should be done with this.
Suggestions on how to proceed?

> Other than the above comments, I'd definitely like to see it getting
> scheduled for inclusion in 2.4. I'm also thinking that it would be good
> to increase the version number a little - is it really only 0.2?

Well, it's only about 2 months old and hasn't been stress
tested or code reviewed or anything, so I think it still
deserves a humble version number. But maybe the next version
after 0.2 can be 1.0.


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