Re: gucharmap

Hey there,

> Ok. What does this mean, and how do I do it? :)

Just sit back and wait for Will and Bastien to add your application to
the 5th toe database ;)

> On irc about a month ago, Seth "peed" (his word) on 0.1, and
> suggested a bunch of stuff. 0.2 basically incorporates his
> suggestions.
> I'll put some screenshots together and send a link to the
> usability list anyway.

That's great news.

> Definitely, but I don't know what should be done with this.
> Suggestions on how to proceed?

gnome-character-map uses GtkButton. Is it out of the question to move to
using the same?

> Well, it's only about 2 months old and hasn't been stress
> tested or code reviewed or anything, so I think it still
> deserves a humble version number. But maybe the next version
> after 0.2 can be 1.0.

Okay, it might also be worth applying for a GNOME CVS account [1] so
that it can be more easily translated and will get more exposure from a
code point of view.

		Hope this helps,
			Glynn ;)

[1] I suggest you read -

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