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El dom, 12-01-2003 a las 23:20, Sean Middleditch escribió:
> Hi everyone,

I think there are other problem with the uri's too . Why not are
translated the uris ? . I speak spanish (and english) but my mother and
other end-users of my country don't like read or write the uri's in
english . I think that they prefer write the uri's in their own language
, don't you think so ?



>  'nother quick (looking at length of this e-mail now, scratch that)
> annoying idea - would something like a user-friendly name to a uri type
> be a good thing?  I.e., if a uri is preferences://, it might be shown to
> the user (say, in the Nautilus uri selector/entry) as "User
> Preferences".  a uri of applications://Office/ migth be shown as
> "Applications Menu/Office".  a uri of camera://HP%20308 (assuming we
> ever get another usable gphoto gnome-vfs plugin) could be shown as
> "Digital Cameras/HP 308".
>  Some uri protocols it may be a better idea to not show a user-name, so
> they should be optional.  For example, "World Wide Web/"
> looks not only silly, but everyone who has used the web before is just
> used to http://.  Lots of places around the web, billboards, etc. print
> http://theirdomain, and the non-web-experienced users might freak out
> seeing "World Wide Web/theirdomain" instead.  Not to mention since http
> is used for a billion things beyond the Web these days, there's probably
> not a good name to use besides HTTP anyways.  ;-)
>  Another issue is that users, being used to seeing "Cameras/HP 308",
> might try to type in "Cameras" to get a listing of their cameras.  This
> then can be confusing; did they mean the camera:// uri, or a sub-folder
> named Cameras?  if no such sub-folder exists, the choice may be clear,
> but if it does, then what?  the choice has to be the same, otherwise
> it's confusing, ambiguous behaviour.  This could be offset by having the
> uri entry box show the real uri, and then set the title of the window to
> the user-friendly name.  Additionally, users shouldn't have to type
> uri's that often.  We should have something similar to Windows "My
> Computer" to get a list of things like camera:// and such.  There are
> plenty of people like my father who are quite capable at using and
> understanding computer technology, but still type at 3 words per minute
> and have a hard time remembering web addresses/uri's without his
> Favorites folder.  ^,^
>  gnome-vfs plugins might also be allowed to have their own
> transformation function; as an example, the applications:// plugin could
> be given the path "/Other/", and return something like " -> Other", so
> it would be displayed as "Applications -> Other" to the user (the common
> way menu heirarchies are written in instructions).  This would compound
> on the above previous issue tho, and may result in many wildly differing
> outputs ("Applications -> Other", "Digital Camera: HP 308", "Palm Pilot
> -- Model Blah", "RPM Database, Abiword", etc.)  Probably not worth the
> pain, but I figured if I was going to babble about a feature, I should
> at least be thorough about it.  ;-)
> Anyways, yes. </babble>
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