Compiling and installing third party gnome apps...


I'm the kind of linux user that always want the newest stuff, or just
want to play around to try new apps. When I compile applications they
end up in the directory /usr/local. This is what's recommended by LSB,
If I remember correct. 

The default gnome setup doesn't however pick upp those apps, for it to
do this I had to fiddle around with the bonoboactivation configuration
to make it find applets, and then the vfolder configuration to make it
find the menu-entries.  And since none of this is documented it was
non-trivial to find. And I still haven't been able to make GNOME2 find
the pixmaps, so I still have to make the symlinks by hand.

I think it would be nice if GNOME2 could support apps in /usr/local by
default, it should be covered by the system administrators guide anyway.


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