Re: A Few Standard Folders [Re: Structure in $HOME]

Seth Nickell wrote:
And who has to set the GConf key? (Serious question, not trying to throw
stones) Is your suggstion that to get a localised desktop, non-English
speakers are expected to go set 5 or 6 "folder names" to be folder names
in their native language rather than English? Or would they
automatically be set this way if you login for the very first time in a
non-English locale? Or would they automatically get set whenever you
login to a non-English locale?

To keep this simple, I'm just going to use "Documents" as an example folder, but the idea would apply to any default folder we add.

This may be pure crack, but what if, on each login, GNOME checks for the existance of "Documents" in the user's home directory by comparing a list of translations for "Documents". If it finds a match that's not in the user's current locale, and no "Documents" folder is found in the current language, it renames the folder based on the user's current language. Then we have one GConf key to toggle this behaviour, since obviously some people may not want it. This way, no matter what application the person uses, that folder will show up with the correct name. GNOME, KDE, Xlib, terminal apps, whatever--they'll all work.

I agree with you that most users won't care what language a folder is displayed in. I think they'd see it would make perfect sense, based on their language selection: everything else on the desktop is translated, so why not generic folder names as well?


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