Minutes for release-team - 2003-01-08

Here are the minutes for last week's meeting.

Murray Cumming
murray usa net
Minutes for Gnome 2 release team meeting 2003-01-08

Present:                        Apologies:

Murray Cumming                  Mark McLoughlin - difficult timezone    
Frederic Crozat
Jody Goldberg 
Glynn Foster
Luis Villa                                      
Jeff Waugh (chairing)        
Jonathon Blandford (this week's star guest)                           


  DONE: Jeff to update Modules list on developer.gnome.org's dotplan.
  => Murray did it.

  DONE: Glynn to invite Bill Hanneman to a meeting after 2.2
  => done soon after the previous meeting.

  DONE: Fred to ping Padraig for a fixed GtkHtml tarball.
  => tarball was in the 2.1.5 release.

  DONE: Jody to get status report from Jonathon Blandford about the Theme capplet.
  => Jonathon was invited to this meeting.

  DONE: Murray to remove old "Desktop Theme" capplet from jhbuild.

  PENDING: Jeff to create check-list of "things to do before major
  release" and maintain it so it's ready for 2.2.0.
  => No change. Jeff plans to do this real soon.

  PENDING: Jeff to ensure clear directions for Xft2 are in GNOME 2.1.x
  release notes.
  => No change. Almost done - written but not checked in.

  PENDING: Jeff to try changing install-module to get/enforce entries in
  NEWS files.
  => We need to invent a NEWS format, and maybe we should do this when
  it's less disruptive. He already created ftp-release-list.

  PENDING: Jeff to send an "description of ideal release process" email to the lists.
  => Maybe later, after 2.2.0

  NEW: Jody to find out whether SUN has done work on pre-generating XML for help docs.

  NEW: Jeff to invite Tim Ney and Leslie to the next meeting. 

Decisions and discussion:
  * RC1 release status

  Jeff says it's on track.

  * Theme capplet

  Jonathon Blandford said that work needs to be done, but that he expects to finish it in time.
  The FAM-using code needs to be rewritten for the new theme system. Alex agrees with this.
  Also, the Save button, to save the current theme, doesn't work at the moment.

  Also related, in the Mouse cappplet, the cursor themes don't work. Maybe we should put that off 
  until 2.2.1

  * Bugs status

  Luis says there is nothing new that's significant - see Andrew Sobala's email. He has less time 
  at the moment, but his bugsquad will probably contineu to help with overviews in future.

  * 2.2.0 Release notes thoughts:

  We need to complete the feature-list. We should look at the 2.1 start page and suggest additions, such as
  recent files, gstreamer, nautilus-media.
  We need those Xft2 instructions.
  We need lists of both still-known bugs and significant fixed bugs.

  We should invite Tim and Leslie, from the Board, to the next meeting, so they know what's happening with the
  release, so they can do their PR stuff.
  * Default theme:

  Approve Seth's string change to allow a default theme. We should ship some themes so we have more than just
  the accessibility themes. Some candidates were suggested - we'll try to avoid crashy ones.

  * Help docs: Pre-generating XML instead of at display time?

  Jody thinks this will speed things up. Someone suggested that Sun might already have implemented this.
  He'll try to find out.

Murray Cumming

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