Re: A Few Standard Folders [Re: Structure in $HOME]

On 14 Jan 2003, Sean Middleditch wrote:

> A gconf key is probably the best idea I've seen yet - when user first
> logs in, the gconf key will be the system default, which could be
> nothing; a translated "Documents" directory is made, the gconf key set,
> end of story.

There is a right answer to this problem.
I dont know what it is yet and i probably dont have time to figure it out.

The way to figure out the answer is to look in detail at how Microsoft
does this, how Mac OS does this and also probably how KDE does this.
Copy then improve.

I did not put forward a fully thought out implementation because i assumed
some one else must have thought of this already, it is not a new idea.
I will try and find some solid information but i dont promise anything.

> If we *do* add default folders, tho, they should also be given custom
> icons.  I don't mean folder icons with emblems, but very clearly and

Too go slightly offtopic for a minute.
Emblems are in interesting idea but i remember using Mac OS backin the day
and you could arbitrarily specify any icon you wanted for any program (Get
Info, select the icon in the dialog, paste a new icon, hours of fun making
everything look like Lemmings :) and i also remember that you could
"label" a folder with specific colours.
I would geuss that it should be reasonably easy enough to do this if
people were convinced it was useful.

I am not sure i have a point to make here, just that i used to think it
was cool and it provided hours of amusement.


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