Re: A Few Standard Folders [Re: Structure in $HOME]

> > You could give the option on "First login" of setting it up - which
> > could be as simple as:
> Too many questions!
> You could avoid asking and just set it up automatically for everyone
> and those who dont want it can turn it off.

I really hope that whatever gets decided, all of the nicey kiddy folder 
names end up in a folder one level BELOW my home directory.

I'm all for making it easier for users, but I wouldn't want it to totally 
screw up my home dir either.
It's bad enough having "Documents" in my home dir where all folders are 
short and capital-less... If you're putting six new directories there I'm 
not going to be very happy.

So, whatever gets proposed, please replace Documents with some name that 
indicates "this is where all the niceyname folders go" and stuff all of 
those under that dir.



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