Fun theme:// vfs project!!!


If anyone is looking for a fun project to get started in GNOME, I have a
fairly easy one available.  It would be neat to have a themes:// vfs
module so that users can easily manage their installed themes via
nautilus.  It would be similar to fontilus[1], but because it deals with
themes, much cooler. (-:

Once the vfs is done, you can do neat things like have theme property
dialogs so they can be individually tweaked.  Other possibilities are a
property dialog pages in nautilus, and a thumbnailer based on the current
thumbnailing code.  Regretfully, I don't have time to write any of this
at this moment.  However, with the recent rewrite of the theme capplet,
almost all the boring, hard work for this module is already done.  Doing
this would be a great way to learn about glib, gnome-vfs, and nautilus.

Please contact me if interested,



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