Re: Structure in $HOME

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003, Martin Waitz wrote:

> and what do you do with non-english speaking users?
> localizing file names sucks

What to do?

You take a long hard look at what Microsoft have done.  ditto Apple (in
fact look at apple first) KDE and anyone else you care to think of.
Compare copy and improve, or "embrace and extend if you prefer".

Does this really need to be discussed in minute detail on the list?
What are the localised names for
/usr /bin /dev ?  (yes i am being facetious).

With all the talk of URI's why dont we just have
/data with subdirs /img /doc /web /mp3 /ogg
and then use some nice URI to hide the complexity?
Localisation experts will have dealt with these problems before, there
must already be answers if people have the time to look for them and know
the right questions to ask.

At this point i am seriously regretting suggesting this without doing more
research.  I honestly assumed someone would have already thought of most
of this, and i am still fairly sure there is already the right answer out
there and we dont need to "innovate".
This is not rocket science.

I beg you all to think this out fully (create an IRC channel or something)
and then come back to the list with something like a specification, i
can't be the only one getting annoyed at this.

/me goes off to sulk

Later :(

Alan H.

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