notes sidebar usefulness?

Do people find the notes sidebar on Nautilus useful at all?  I find that
if you turn it on most of the time it's blank becuase I don't put notes
for every file I have.

I'd like to use this feature more but the current implemention feels
clumsy for me making notes not a very useful feature for me.  The second
thing is that ntoes only show up if you double click on the file.  I have
to commit to opening the file and doing something with it in order to see
the notes for it.

What I would be nice is to see the notes when when I select the file and
only when there are actually notes for a file.  The only problem is that I
don't use the sidebar at all as it makes the nautilus window too busy
IMHO but it would be nice to pop up the sidebar if there are notes

Alternatively, if under a certain number of chars it could be pop up text
when you highlight an icon.

I just think that we could really make the notes feature a lot more useful
than it currently is.  I think in a business environment this really could
come in handy.


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