Re: notes sidebar usefulness?

> On Wed, 2003-01-15 at 19:53, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > <quote who="James Henstridge">
> >
> > > Note that if you are using Nautilus-2.1.x, you can also see the notes for
> > > a file by right clicking on it and choosing properties.  There will be a
> > > "Notes" tab in the dialog showing the notes for that file.  I don't think
> > > there is a visible sign that a file has notes attached though, which is
> > > the other thing you were talking about.
> >
> > There should totally be a notes emblem! :-)

> There was this strange gnomish little man I met once who showed me this
> cool Nautilus feature[1]: a note icon next to a file, and when you
> moused over it a little tooltip appeared displaying the note. Wonder
> what ever happened to that guy....

I think that would be nice to have a tooltip of the notes under a certain
size.  But I know I would like to sometimes put a little diary of what all
happened to this file or even an issue this file is related to.
(especially for files that are binary) In short  I'm trying to use this to
manage my data in a corporate environment in a serious way.

But it's a PITA to sit there and have to go to properties and look at
notes or have to double click it in order to see the notes.  It's not a
scalable solution if you're searching for something in several files and
the answer is in the notes.

One thing I thought of would be to  create a new nautilus view
that is a modification of the list view except it includes the first 30
characters of tne notes or something or perhaps part of the "find files"

Anyways, I think if we want to use this feature seriously it should be
re-worked a ittle.


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