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 --- Rui Miguel Seabra <rms 1407 org> wrote: > On Fri, 2003-01-17 at 13:25, Sander
Vesik wrote: 
> > > As you get to know your system, the power of the shell and the thousands
> > > of commands with one for almost anything you need, you inevitably have
> > > to know (and care) about /usr, /dev, etc...
> > 
> > Those are not normal users - a normal user just wants to do his everyday 
> > work (which is not likely to be about computers) and should have no need 
> > to go to the command line. They don't know what DOS commandline commands 
> > are and are very unlikely to know the unix ones, so the comand line is of 
> > no use to them.
> I respectfully disagree.
> I do that on my everyday work! ;) What's your idea Sander? Comparing DOS
> to bash? Sheesh... bash and the multitude of programs usually available
> by default give users a power and flexibility beyond their wildest
> dreams on Microsoft Software. That way, it's quite understandable that
> they prefer a GUI to a command line. DOS sucks. bash & company don't!

Tell me - why do you bother with gnome at all if all you want is just a window
manager to start terminals from ? 

> Cheers, Rui
> ps: last post on this thread, promise! :)
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