TARBALLS DUE: 2.1.91 (Release Candidate 2)

Hi everyone,

Tarballs are due this Monday, 20th January for Release Candidate 2, due to
be released on Wednesday, 22nd. The schedule previously had the wrong dates,
with the release of RC2 confused with with the tarballs due date for final.
Sorry about that. ;-)


  Unless you have a really good reason, please use final release version
  numbers. We hope that RC2 packages will closely represent 2.2.0 Final - if
  you don't feel comfortable doing this, PLEASE email the release team to
  let us know why -> we need to know!

If new releases are required for 2.2, they will be due on the 27th.


- Jeff

    "MySQL supporters are like people who believe that the moon landings    
    were a hoax. No matter what contrary information they're confronted     
         with, they still consider MySQL to be the best." - ttfkam          

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