GNOME spell checking

What is the status of spell checking in GNOME 2?

I noticed Gedit has its own spell-checking plugin.  Is this the path
other applications are taking?

In September[1] it was suggested gnome-spell has been ported to GNOME 2,
but as far as I can tell it seems that gnome-spell is deprecated[2].
It looks like Evolution uses gnome-spell, but it also looks like it's using
gnome-spell 0.5 which is for GNOME 1.

If one doesn't exist already, would it make sense for GNOME to have a
single core spell-checking library?  The Gedit code looks quite good and
covers the traditional "spell check this document" interface, and I
maintain a spellcheck-as-you-type[3] library that is moderately popular,
so it would mostly involve pulling this code out into a library and
getting that library into the GNOME core.

If so, what steps should I take to begin such a project?  (For example,
is gnome-desktop-devel the correct mailing list to solicit this sort of


      Evan Martin
martine cs washington edu

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