Re: GNOME spell checking

On Sat, Jan 18, 2003 at 02:31:48PM -0800, Evan Martin wrote: 
> If one doesn't exist already, would it make sense for GNOME to have a
> single core spell-checking library?  The Gedit code looks quite good and
> covers the traditional "spell check this document" interface, and I
> maintain a spellcheck-as-you-type[3] library that is moderately popular,
> so it would mostly involve pulling this code out into a library and
> getting that library into the GNOME core.
> If so, what steps should I take to begin such a project?  (For example,
> is gnome-desktop-devel the correct mailing list to solicit this sort of
> advice?)

I would say a spell checker doesn't belong in GTK or libgnomeui, where
it belongs is in either an "office suite" type library or in a
standalone module. So at that point, the way you get in "gnome core
desktop" is to be a de facto dependency of some module in gnome core
desktop, such as gedit. So you'd want to discuss with gedit guys.  Or
similarly, to get into GNOME Office, you'd want to convince one of the
office apps to use the module. (Part of convincing them may include 
helping with patches and such.)


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