Re: GNOME spell checking


> If one doesn't exist already, would it make sense for GNOME to have a
> single core spell-checking library? 

As I already wrote in September [1] I think it would be very useful to
have such library. A lot of apps could use it, I think to gedit, Pan
(that already uses GtkSpell by Evan), IRC apps, Email apps and, of
course, all the GNOME Office apps like gnumeric, AbiWord and so on.

And so it makes a lot of sense for me to have a common component used by
all of them. 

> The Gedit code looks quite good and
> covers the traditional "spell check this document" interface, and I
> maintain a spellcheck-as-you-type[3] library that is moderately popular,
> so it would mostly involve pulling this code out into a library and
> getting that library into the GNOME core.

In gedit I have already written two classes: a spell checker class
(whose API is quite similar to the gnome-spell interface) called
gedit-spell-checker and a generic spell checker dialog called
I have also written an automatic spell checker class based on the work
of Evan on GtkSpell.

You can see the code in gedit/plugin/spell.

These classes are completely generic and does not depends on gedit so
they can be simply used as a starting point for a common spell-checking



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