Re: Applet installation

On Mon, Jan 20, 2003 at 06:58:02PM +0100, Alberto Bellemo wrote:
> I have downloaded the seti-applet from cvs for gnome 2
> I have compiled it and installed it but in the panel menu, I don't see the
> applet! 

Hmm, panel has problems to pick up new applets. Try to restart the panel (that
is just kill it, it will be respawned by gnome-session).
I think the there is work underway to fix this. (just search this lists

> How do I install the applet? I suppose there are a settings in a gconf-editor...

No definitly not.

> There aren't an application to install or remove the applet link?
> There aren't an application to modify the menu launcher?
No such things are not needed.

Martin H.

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