Re: adding dead space to floating panels

On Mon, 2003-01-20 at 21:54, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> The clock is *next to* the notification area, but it's not a
> notification icon. Right-click and choose "customize notifications,"
> the clock is not an option in there; "show clock" is an option under
> "customize taskbar," it's the equivalent of an applet, a special part
> of the whole panel thing.

Hmm, okay, that distinction hadn't registered, but as far as your
average user is concerned it's to the right of the taskbar/status area
separator, so it's in the status area.  Well, I always thought it was
anyway :)

> I don't see a volume control at all, but maybe it's hiding somewhere.

I think you might have to turn it on in the Audio control panel or
something.  Once it's there it works much like the GNOME one, i.e. you
click it to get a volume slider.  Windows definitely treats it more like
a status icon than it does the clock, though, as it will disappear into
the "not recently used" section of the status bar if you haven't changed
the volume for a while.  Unlike the clock, which doesn't move even if
you haven't looked at the time for a while :)


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