Re: adding dead space to floating panels

On Tue, 2003-01-21 at 05:33, Dave Bordoley wrote:

> What if you never need to connect to the internet? (ie. cable modem
> users) this menu entry wouldn't make much sense now would it...

Ineed, you'd probably (dare I say it) want something along the lines of
Windoze... a wizard/druid takes you through setting up your internet
connections and adds whatever menus/icons you need.  Or you can do it
yourself if you don't want to be patronized, of course :)

> Perhaps a better approach would be to popup a dial-up dialog whenever a
> user tries to access remote content and no internet connection is
> detected (oh and assuming the computer has a modem installed). i believe
> windows works this way.

Well, it does if you want it to... personally I find it highly annoying
and have the auto-dial feature turned off.  Otherwise all manner of
processes keep going off and trying to dial up on their own, and since
we don't have unmetered access over here I never trust it :)


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