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 --- Luis Villa <louie ximian com> wrote: 
> Hey, guys- I just got done with a press conference (wearing my
> foundation board member hat) to announce some fonty goodness. In a
> nutshell, for those of you who read foundation meeting minutes, Jim
> Gettys finally suceeded in fulfilling his action item. For those of you
> who don't read foundation meeting minutes, Jim has succeeded in getting
> Bitstream, Inc., to release fonts. 10 of them, in the Vera family.
> They'll be available for download in the next week or so, and for
> download, distribution with gnome, and some forms of modification in
> about a month.

So distribution will be limited to distribution *with* gnome ? Does this mean
lots of folks will just be dumping a bunch of gnome source tarballs / rpms
on CD-s as dead weight just so they can also include the rpm/tarball/zip 
with the fonts. Not that this is a bad thing, just 'distribution with gnome' is
a horribly vague thing.

> Quickie screenshot (CVS HEAD abi, much thanks to them and to fontilus
> for providing a great demo platform):
> More details later, if I can get a net connection and a link to the
> press release-
> Luis

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