Re: initial dialog placement in hig?

On Thu, 2003-01-23 at 01:20, Michael Thomas Vanderford wrote:
> Is there something in the Gnome hig about initial window placement?
> I skimmed through. 
> Shouldn't there be a Initial Window Placement section?

Hmm, I dunno... I'd say initial window position is really up to the
window manager, and whatever preferences it allows the user to set to
guide it.  After that, windows should generally just remember where the
user put them last time (with suitable adjustments if, for example, they
were running it on a bigger screen last time and it would lie off-screen
this time)-- however, I gather that's currently a lot harder to
implement than it ought to be :/

Initial window size could be a suitable topic for the HIG, though,
there's certainly some scope for applications to get that wrong. 
(Interesting that you cite the Mac guidelines here, as the Mac takes a a
different approach to window sizing from most other desktops which
perhaps makes guidelines a bit more necessary.)


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