Re: pango and gtk needing input on make

 --- Owen Taylor <otaylor redhat com> wrote: > 
> Mike Martin <redtuxxx yahoo co uk> writes:
> > Both pango and gtk are needing interactive input during a make.
> >  
> > This occurs when make wants to move some *.la files and asks for
> > comfirmation.
> > 
> > Few questions
> > 
> > anyone else getting this
> > could it be a libtool problem?
> > anyone know how to stop this behaviour
> No. 
> Maybe. 
> Without more details, hard to tell.
> What is the _exact_ text of the question you are getting?

I will remail when I get home, but the gist of it is 
mv /usr/lib/ overwrite /usr/lib/ 
which then needs yes to be typed and goes to the next one until all
done and then carries on the compile
(2 la files for pango, 4 for gtk)

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>                                         Owen
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