Re: don't include formatting tags in messages?

My take on this issue is that it breaks any 'meta-apps' that may be
listening.  For instance, it can break assistive technologies like
gnopernicus since they may need semantic information about known tags
such as "bold".

It may be that there should be two classifications of tags within
content, one for a set of canonical tags with known semantics (such as
"bold", etc.) and another for more-or-less arbitrary tags that may be
application-or-content-specific.  Application-specific tags should
probably be localized if they aren't intended to be promoted to the
general case, and if they are intended for re-presentation to the end
user in some form.  Otherwise, if they are really "formatting" tags
whose semantic information might be useful to listening meta-apps,
please don't localize them!



Bill Haneman <bill haneman sun com>

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