Re: don't include formatting tags in messages?

Hi Bill,

On Tue, 2003-01-28 at 03:43, Bill Haneman wrote:
> My take on this issue is that it breaks any 'meta-apps' that may be
> listening.  For instance, it can break assistive technologies like
> gnopernicus since they may need semantic information about known tags
> such as "bold".

	Unless, I've missed something in the discussion[1] this does not change
what an AT sees - it just changes what a translater sees e.g.


	str = _("<b>Don't fart in my presence</b>");
	gtk_label_set_markup (label, str);


	str = g_strconcat ("<b>", _("Don't fart in my presence"), "</b">);
	gtk_label_set_markup (label, str);
	g_free (str);

	i.e. nothing has changed from a gtk/atk point of view - its just making
translation less painful.

Good Luck,

[1] - You didn't quote what you're replying to so I'm not exactly
      sure of the context :/

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