Re: Minutes for release-team - 2003-01-15 ande 2003-01-22

>  NEW: Jody to check that gnome-control-center doesn't break with 
>  non-existance of FAM

Just reminded me. The network server feature in nautilus doesn't work
properly without FAM:
[Bug 102533] "New Server" in network:// doesn't work as expected

> Jody is happy with the current 2.2.0 release of gnome-control-center.
> Most of the bugs have been fixed and it's as stable as he could have 
> hoped. There is one possible issue of it not compiling when FAM 
> isn't present. Jody will investigate this.

There is still the bug that stops the theme applet working with sawfish
(95260). That's going to piss of a lot of people who don't use metacity,
Also the theme manager quiet hang is effecting a lot of people(103797).

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