Fifth Toe Website

Greetings and salutations,

In honor of the upcoming release the GNOME Fifth Toe website is now open
for business. You can check out all of the cool packages on the site,
( only a few right now with more to come! )  submit updates to
information on existing packages, add recommendations for exciting new
applications, and send email to the coordinators and webmaster. Yes, you
TOO can be in the GNOME Fifth toe release. Submit, click away, and enjoy
basking in the light of lots of GNOME users.

Seriously, the website is up, We hope you like it. Please send in 
constructive criticism, Scott ( starlon on #gnome and #lyrical ) will be
very likely to accommodate problems.

As we find problems and correct them the site will be updated.
Additionally the database that drives this site will be the one used to
generate the 5th toe release.

Enjoy all!


Fifth Toe Coordinators

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