Re: "Encoding" key in the desktop entries

On Fri, 2003-01-31 at 01:38, Owen Taylor wrote:
> Yanko Kaneti <yaneti declera com> writes:

> > 
> > Another probably more serious problem is that current desktop code
> > apparently assumes UTF-8 for the ones without "Encoding", when again by
> > standard its supposed to assume Legacy-Mixed. 
> Look again. The spec allows you to do basically anything you want for
> files without an encoding key. The right behavior is usually:
>  - If the file is valid UTF-8, assume UTF-8
>  - Otherwise assume legacy-mixed.
> Though this is not required in the standard. (The standard *does*
> require supporting UTF-8). This more or less what the code
> in gnome-desktop does.

Looked again more carefully. Indeed it never says Legacy-Mixed should be
assumed. Sorry , I merely repeated what jrb #gnome told me ;)

It does say tho that the entries are required to have the key.


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