Re: 2.4: System Tools - I like them

On Sat, 2003-05-31 at 07:46, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> > > From: Cumming Murray (COMNEON Linz) 
> > > So, people need to try them out _now_ and start the 
> > > criticism. The GEP 11
> > > end date is June 2nd - 4 days from now.
> >
> Some minor changes need to be made, and the maintainer has agreed to make
> them.
> I think the network connections tool is flaky and far from usable, and I
> don't think we want that support problem. But if we left the network one out
> for now, leaving a boot manager, a runlevel editor, time settings, and a
> user manager, I'd like to see this go in. At the least, it's really silly
> that we don't have some way to set the system clock in GNOME.

The clock would be great. Boot manager is not terribly compelling
(though it is of some use, certainely), and the runlevel editor is
terribly hampered usability-wise by its use of the Unix runlevel ideas
(which are rather complex and confusing). So.... if the network tool
(which is possibly the most useful of the bunch) isn't in working shape,
I think there's a compelling argument that we should not include gst in
the 2.4 release.


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