Re: Release Team's Almost-Final Modules List

Sander Vesik <Sander Vesik Sun COM> writes:

> On 29 May 2003, Ole Laursen wrote:


> > But if you have to rewrite both the GUI and the backend then there's
> > no point in having any common ground, is there?
> uhhh, no, you would not write separate GUI-s - thats why you need it to be
> self-adjusting. So instead of having builtin knowledge that the user
> parameters to display are {user, uid, home, shell, group}, theh gui would
> ask the backend what these are and then display the result - which might
> be say {user, uid, home, shell, group, login class} or something
> considerably different. 
> features/bugs that don't exist on the system at hand (like say runlevels)
> should never be exposed in the ui. 

OK, I agree, but that does sound like it would possible to implement
given some work from a dedicated person. But then I don't know the
code base.

Ole Laursen

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