Please, include Gnome System Tools in Gnome 2.4

Hi all,

There is a big discussion about GST. I use these tools from ximian-setup-tools 0.8 release and can't live without these tools, because setting time or adding/removing users without these tools was a diffucult task in Linux with GNOME. For example KDE had boot manager, time and users management tools about 2 years ago, why Gnome developers are still discusing about including such tools ?

If some parts of these tools are too unstable when Gnome 2.4 will be released, they can be simply excluded. Desktop users can't live without time and users management tools, leave at least these if you think that network tool is too unstable (but I haven't noticed any serious problems in network-tool for about 10 months of using it).

Hope, that Gnome 2.4 will be more user-friendly and simple users will be able to change time or date, connect to network or add another user.


Good luck,
Egle Kriaučiūnienė <eglyte centras lt>

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