Hello gnomers :

GNOME needs systems tools as soon as posible. I think will be a big
error for GNOME project if we don't include gst like official module. I
know that some of gnome-hackers thinks that "GNOME doesn't need GST
because the distros has their own tools" (1-point). Or other
gnome-hackers thinks that "GNOME don't need gst because it's very
linux-kind" (2-point) . 

IMHO at the first point is that if the distros has their own tools is
not befecial for nobody . Because this apps are not integrated in gnome
(may the redhat ones more than the rest ). And if we don't include gst
this system tools won't be integrated never. This apps are not
integrated for several reasons , For example madrake uses qt for their
tools and KDE has a very good integration but GNOME not. If for example
you want create a dialup conn in GNOME you need works with KPPP. In
Redhat , there are some tools for system-task . And this apps are more
or lees integrated with gnome. But i tested this tool with more than on
hundred of users and they don't know how create a modem conection in the
85% of cases. And others distro is worse that this . 

But which the real problem ? The real problem it's that if we don't
include will have a weak desktop. We care the HIGification of  buttons
and we can admin users or setting up a modem connection !! . Which is
worse ? . KDE has it 2 or 3 years ago. You must to think on this , when
a user comes to GNOME need to find a easy desktop . And if the user
wants create an user , or setting up a ethernet card, or setting up a
printer ... we have to give it. If the user are thinking in create a
modem connection our reply don't be "Ok guy , open a terminal use
pppconfig , then put the modem lights-applet in the panel and in the
preferences write ifup my_modem_conection" or "Which distro are you
working? because if you are working with RH you have to go
system-tools->net->create ... , but if you have Mandreke you need that
or if you are working with debian that or .... " Which type of answer is
that ! . The user thinks : PUFFFF , when i was in windows I only have to
use this wizard and when i open a explorer ... the explorer said me "Do
you want connect to internet ?" .
Other problem is when you want put a GNOME-box out of your house. In
Hispalinux we are working for put GNOME-boxes with Debian in all
governament computers an we are having very good results
( In one year , we helped to put more than 150000
computers with linex (GNOME-Debian) in spain . Actually in Extremadura
(A spanish autonomy) the school-computers use GNOME . And there are many
many city halls working with GNOME. The Extramadura governament give to
the enterprises linex for the new enterprises. And this example it's
growing up quickly in Spain. But in repect to GNOME , the linex don't
have Gnome Setup Tools and we must use the KDE ones. And other problem
is , when you have to explain at windows-users how can he/she admin the
system . That's crazy !! (I'm a linux-teacher too) You have to say
"GNOME have't a system tools , but depends of you distro you have this
tools or not". And the user said "But this tools are the same in all
distros or are diferent..." and I think "HEHE GOOD QUESTION" . 
You must to think that the normal user comes from windows . The user
need open nautilus and see a beatiful icons and a very easy GUI for this
tools . The user WANT NOT open a terminal or launch an applet . This
solutions was good in the past , but now we are working for other
customers. We need something like the comercial desktops. An easy way
for admin the system and the desktop.
Other big problem it's the marketing . If Anybody want's to write an
article or book for users for KDE it's very easy . If you want admin
users KUSER , if you want admin printers KPRINT , if you want a modem
conection KPPP , if you want admin plan tasks KCRON .... But In GNOME
not it's the same :(. In my country there are 6 or 7 linux magazines .
And when this magazines start a user-level article about desktops,
allways start with KDE , because in GNOME there aren't this tools... .
>From the marketing viewpoint that's horrible. Our product can't compete
in this area. And if we don't accept GST like official module can't
compete in the future.

And there are on million of things like these.

The second point , some hackers thinks that GST it's too much
linux-kind. If you don't allow to grow this project how can it give
support for other distros. GST it's orientated for be multi-plantform we
must allow to grow this project . AND the distros should help to GST for
to have a unificated system admin tools . GST is the way . The users and
the distros need a unificated tools and integrated with GNOME (and the
backend of GST can be used for develop another tool with QT-interface).

One developer can't do nothing , but in those lists there are very
important person with contacts in distros , in KDE , in linux
entenprises (Miguel , Havoc , Alan cox , ximian guys , sun guys , redhat
guys , ... ), in the release team . Why don't you talk about it and give
us a solution ? The users has those needs .

If GNOME want be a GREAT desktop we have to start to take decisions like
that . If GNOME don't take this way , the sentense "Computing made easy"
only will be words in a web page. 


Roberto Majadas Lopez			roberto majadas hispalinux es
board-member of Hispalinux

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