Re: Different vision for the GNOME Desktop?

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

> <quote who="Jeff Waugh">
> > Rather than debate these ideas in terms of the status quo, what is your
> > vision for how GNOME should handle these software releases, and the issues
> > raised in this thread?
> Dude?

[ So, a couple of people have mentioned that they thought I was being unfair
or a bastardo for 'challenging' Iain on this. It wasn't really clear in my
email that I'm genuinely interested in finding out what's wrong with the
process, how we can make it better, if there's "too much process", etc. It's
kinda hard to pick out the problems with the status quo when you're part of
the machinery. :-) That's why we always ask for suggestions to the release
team list, etc. If anyone else has comments on this, how we structure our
releases, where we've gone south since the 2.0 success, *please* mail us -
we *are* keen to get the process right, whatever it takes. Thanks! ]

- Jeff

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