RE: [Setup-tool-hackers] 2.4: System Tools - I like them

> From: Alvaro [mailto:acs barrapunto com]  
> > I think the network connections tool is flaky and far from 
> usable, and I
> > don't think we want that support problem.
> Hey, the network tool in Debian works like a champion. I use it a lot
> and I don't think it isn't usable. Could you give some details about
> this? I have tested it with several end users and they have configured
> correctly the network, modem and ethernet. And in the 0.26 version we
> have druids for create new connections so it is more easy to do the
> work.

In an earlier email I said:

- Networking:
  - It's shows my network connection, but doesn't show what type of
connection it is.
  - I can't see what device is used for each connection. Surely I need to
know whether I'm using my WLAN card or my ethernet card?

Also, on my RedHat 9 it destroys the existing network configuration files
just by opening the network-admin tool:

The RedHat networking tool is also flaky and hard to use, but it's
definitely better than the one in gnome-system-tools. I think it's a hard
thing to get right, but it will get there. I just don't think it's ready
yet. Adding the rest of gnome-system-tools now would encourage people to get
it ready for GNOME 2.6.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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