RE: [Setup-tool-hackers] 2.4: System Tools - I like them

Hi murray!

> In an earlier email I said:
> - Networking:
>   - It's shows my network connection, but doesn't show what type of
> connection it is.

adding a new column in the tree view showing the connection type could
take 10 minutes of my life ;-), and I already agreed to change this

>   - I can't see what device is used for each connection. Surely I need to
> know whether I'm using my WLAN card or my ethernet card?

I need a way to figure out the network cards that are being used by the
interface, but it's surely doable and could be a great addition

> Also, on my RedHat 9 it destroys the existing network configuration files
> just by opening the network-admin tool:

I have an awful modem connection, but already got a friend downloading RH9
for testing issues :-P


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