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On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 04:20, Roberto Majadas wrote:
> Hello gnomers :


> GNOME needs systems tools as soon as posible. I think will be a big
> error for GNOME project if we don't include gst like official module. I
> know that some of gnome-hackers thinks that "GNOME doesn't need GST
> because the distros has their own tools" (1-point). Or other
> gnome-hackers thinks that "GNOME don't need gst because it's very
> linux-kind" (2-point) . 

Your system, or your network needs GST, not GNOME.

> Other big problem it's the marketing . If Anybody want's to write an
> article or book for users for KDE it's very easy . If you want admin
> users KUSER , if you want admin printers KPRINT , if you want a modem
> conection KPPP , if you want admin plan tasks KCRON .... But In GNOME
> not it's the same :(. In my country there are 6 or 7 linux magazines .
> And when this magazines start a user-level article about desktops,
> allways start with KDE , because in GNOME there aren't this tools... .
> >From the marketing viewpoint that's horrible. Our product can't compete
> in this area. And if we don't accept GST like official module can't
> compete in the future.

Keeping GST out of the Official GNOME distribution won't hurt anybody.
Distributions or packagers, or system administrators or (whatever you
name them) people will simply download the stuff and install it in a
jiffy. That's nothing.

> If GNOME want be a GREAT desktop we have to start to take decisions like
> that . If GNOME don't take this way , the sentense "Computing made easy"
> only will be words in a web page. 

GNOME is the greatest desktop created ever, unless you understand the
word "great" correctly.

Here is my opinion: Official GNOME distribution is simple, yet powerful,
fast, small enough, platform independent, accessible and agile. Even
first-time-computer-users don't get confused using it. It's clear that
tools like GST and some other stuff is confusing for many users.

Users are not interested in setting system time, boot configuration,
runlevel editing, etc. An adequate network administrator will run a time
server, will not allow users to change runlevel and boot settings.
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