Re: GNOME needs GST

Hi Enver,


> Here is my opinion: Official GNOME distribution is simple, yet powerful,
> fast, small enough, platform independent, accessible and agile. Even
> first-time-computer-users don't get confused using it. It's clear that
> tools like GST and some other stuff is confusing for many users.

computing itself is not easy, we are who try to make them accesible for
other people who couldn't do it without our help, if you prefer to let
your first-time-computer-user to admin his system, feel free to do it

> Users are not interested in setting system time, boot configuration,
> runlevel editing, etc. An adequate network administrator will run a time
> server, will not allow users to change runlevel and boot settings.

Then all the emphasys we're putting on accesibility and "making computing
easy" is only aimed to those users with an ultrawise sysadmin who'll fix
users' faults? aren't the home users end users too? or you simply prefer
to embed them in a vacuum desktop were they couldn't even change their
system clock?


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