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El mar, 03 de 06 de 2003 a las 00:36, Enver ALTIN escribió:
> On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 04:20, Roberto Majadas wrote:
> > Hello gnomers :
> Hi,
> > GNOME needs systems tools as soon as posible. I think will be a big
> > error for GNOME project if we don't include gst like official module. I
> > know that some of gnome-hackers thinks that "GNOME doesn't need GST
> > because the distros has their own tools" (1-point). Or other
> > gnome-hackers thinks that "GNOME don't need gst because it's very
> > linux-kind" (2-point) . 
> Your system, or your network needs GST, not GNOME.

That's right . I don't need gst for admin my system. But can you tell
that to final user ? . I mean that when a final user wants add an user
or setting up the clock , you can't to said "open a terminal" . In
Extremadura (spanish autonomy) . The users are grandmothers , childrens
in the school (that they have linux in their homes) , mothers ,fathers
... . Linex (the Extremadura distro) is used for learn to the people how
work,study,have a good time with GNOME. The final users are not hackers
, computers science students or something like that. 
For example , my girlfriend , my mother and my sister use GNOME all
time. But they need how can add an user or setting up a modem conection
or add a printer. 
If continue with your argument your system need gst , not GNOME . I
could to said you . Your system need nautilus not GNOME (because i can
user a terminal for copy files or create a directory. Your system need
evolution not GNOME ...
With that i mean GNOME is an interface that allow the user to work with
the system, not only for view divx or chat with gaim.     

> > Other big problem it's the marketing . If Anybody want's to write an
> > article or book for users for KDE it's very easy . If you want admin
> > users KUSER , if you want admin printers KPRINT , if you want a modem
> > conection KPPP , if you want admin plan tasks KCRON .... But In GNOME
> > not it's the same :(. In my country there are 6 or 7 linux magazines .
> > And when this magazines start a user-level article about desktops,
> > allways start with KDE , because in GNOME there aren't this tools... .
> > >From the marketing viewpoint that's horrible. Our product can't compete
> > in this area. And if we don't accept GST like official module can't
> > compete in the future.
> Keeping GST out of the Official GNOME distribution won't hurt anybody.
> Distributions or packagers, or system administrators or (whatever you
> name them) people will simply download the stuff and install it in a
> jiffy. That's nothing.

The only hurt is the final users. Download and install . The final user
don't want download and install in the most of case. The final users
needs that this apps are in it computer and that their friend use the
same app, because when he/she have a problem , he goes to comment with
their friends. 

> > If GNOME want be a GREAT desktop we have to start to take decisions like
> > that . If GNOME don't take this way , the sentense "Computing made easy"
> > only will be words in a web page. 
> GNOME is the greatest desktop created ever, unless you understand the
> word "great" correctly.

Yeah , i know.I'm four years in the gnome project. ;). But I think it's
GREAT no IT'S THE GREATEST DESKTOP for me , not for final user at the
moment. See the steps of ximian and the printers tools for example. The
same configuration in all ximian desktops. That's COOL . (Thanks ximian

> Here is my opinion: Official GNOME distribution is simple, yet powerful,
> fast, small enough, platform independent, accessible and agile. Even
> first-time-computer-users don't get confused using it. It's clear that
> tools like GST and some other stuff is confusing for many users.

GNOME it's cool for view divx with totem , work with files with nautilus
, emailing with evo ... . But you are wrong if you think that the user
dont need put the system time or boot conf or add users. I saw it all
time in spain. Here , linux are in homes computer (windows have a big
percent for the moment) but there are hundreds and hundreds of potentian
final user waiting for a system like windows. They are waiting for a
Desktop with someting like a control panel , printers wizards , networks
wizars and more of that. But not diferent control centers , or diferents
wizars . They wants the same interface for learn with the friends.
Windows is Windows because the user can comment with the friends how he
can add a printer . That's the secret ;)

Thanks for the comment 


Roberto Majadas Lopez			roberto majadas hispalinux es
board member of Hispalinux

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