RE: epiphany toolbar/bookmarks

> From: Marco Pesenti Gritti [mailto:mpeseng tin it] 
> So I discussed this with seth a bit on irc and I think we come with a
> good plan.

Well done.

> There are some problems using a separate window as main way to access
> bookmarks (basically it requires too many clicks and extra window
> management). We plan to work on it but we think it would be better to
> wait post 2.4, for stability.
> As temporary hack we would introduce a bookmarks menu. (This 
> would solve
> also some other problems I posted in my previous mail).

That seems like a good, and mostly-harmless move that will make everyone
happy for now.

> We think it's ok to flat down the hierarchy starting with 2.4 though.
> For example:
> Computers->GNOME-> will be translated to
> The choice of a flat system is positive, it will be kept also with the
> post 2.4 design improvements, so there are no reasons to not 
> do it now.
> (I can do this before feature freeze)

Very cool.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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