Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] RE: 2.4: System Tools - Please try them

On Tue, Jun 03, 2003 at 01:19:48PM +0200, Carlos Garnacho Parro wrote:
> and how could you focus it? I still see necessary the concept of
> runlevels, so the only proposal I can make is to have separate lists for
> each relevant runlevel, and an option menu to switch between runlevels. of
> course the concept should be abstracted as much as we could, for example
> (in debian):
> runlevel 0 ----> stopping the computer
> runlevel 2 ----> graphical mode
> runlevel 3 ----> text mode
> runlevel 6 ----> rebooting the computer

How would this interact with e.g. FreeBSD having no runlevels at all?

 - Theo van Klaveren

Theo van Klaveren <t vanklaveren student utwente nl>

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