RE: 2.4: System Tools - Please try them

Hi guys!

> Distros have made their own system tools because GNOME has not provided any.
> We can either wait for that to change miraculously or start to fix the
> problem. We will not replace all of the RedHat system tools at once, but
> maybe we can replace them gradually. Maybe first Time, then Users, then
> Networking, but that's up to RedHat. 

In Spain, we are starting to have big projects using adhoc distros based
in Debian.

One of them is LinEx. I think you know about the project yet: a region
of Spain is putting one PC per 2 person in each school. And they are
using a specific distribution called LinEx that uses Debian 3.0 and
GNOME 2.2.

Currently they use tools like "kuser" because in GNOME2 we don't have
tools to admin the desktop. And they continue to use GNOME because the
first LinEx 2.0 was based in Debian 2.2 and GNOME 1.4.

Another project I am now working is a distribution called Lux. We are
installing in the computer before sell (OEM distribution) the custom
distribution Lux based also in Debian 3.0 and GNOME 2.2.

If we didn't have GST the moment we decided to select GNOME as the
desktop,  maybe we finally have to continue with KDE, because the base
distribution had to be Debian for compatibility reasons.

The plans with our first customer is to ship 150.000 notebooks to the
market in the first 3 years with Lux (GNOME 2.x).

GST integrated in GNOME Desktop is something that custom distributions
need to have the chance to reach the market and provide to the end user
and coherent experience with the system.


Alvaro <acs barrapunto com>

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