RE: 2.4: System Tools - Please try them

You may be thinking all the time in commercial distributions of Linux,
and of course they should add some value to their sale like the conf
But, there are other growing distros that are based on communities and
no commercial aims like: Debian, for sure. Debian doesn't provide enough
system tools for the end users. I think they make a big effort to
maintain a coherent package system and they shouldn't be forced to
develop desktop system tools.
Metadistros and CO.(Spain) Metadistros is a system to build 
distributions. You choose your kernel, packages, boot logo and etc(from
a webpage for example) and then you get an ISO. First you can run the
ISO as a LiveCd. After you are used to Linux, without partitioning or
whatever, you can install the system from the same CD. I am working,
with others in a LiveDistro for Educational purposes, children mainly.
But there are a lot of other areas, public and social ones that you may
want to use GNU with Linux with GNOME with SystemTools that no
commercial aims are involved: administrations, schools, adults schools,
universities, gobernment, etc.
GNOME needs GST in the core distribution, please.
And with full printer add and configuration module, not only adding
existing printers like the ximian tool (by the moment)
Nestor Diaz

El mar, 03 de 06 de 2003 a las 07:29, Murray Cumming Comneon com
> > From: Seth Nickell [mailto:snickell stanford edu] 
> > but I'd rather have a GNOME system tools solution 
> > that doesn't
> > get relegated to corporateless distros.
> Distros have made their own system tools because GNOME has not provided any.
> We can either wait for that to change miraculously or start to fix the
> problem. We will not replace all of the RedHat system tools at once, but
> maybe we can replace them gradually. Maybe first Time, then Users, then
> Networking, but that's up to RedHat. 
> > I actually really prefer RH's 
> > tools, but I'd
> > like to see them developed in cooperation with the GNOME community
> > rather than with black box XFree86 style development (worse than
> > XFree86, really). 
> If we have system tools in GNOME then maybe the distros will contribute
> their experience. They don't want to write their own - they want to get it
> for free.
> > The choice of setup tools as one of the "distro value adds" is sort of
> > arbitrary, and I hope the distros would agree that they'd rather pool
> > work like this rather than building an arbitrary "value add" 
> > area around
> > it.
> That seems to be the case. I'd like us get started on it.
> Murray Cumming
> murrayc usa net
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