RE: 2.4: System Tools - Please try them

> From: Seth Nickell [mailto:snickell stanford edu] 
> but I'd rather have a GNOME system tools solution 
> that doesn't
> get relegated to corporateless distros.

Distros have made their own system tools because GNOME has not provided any.
We can either wait for that to change miraculously or start to fix the
problem. We will not replace all of the RedHat system tools at once, but
maybe we can replace them gradually. Maybe first Time, then Users, then
Networking, but that's up to RedHat. 

> I actually really prefer RH's 
> tools, but I'd
> like to see them developed in cooperation with the GNOME community
> rather than with black box XFree86 style development (worse than
> XFree86, really). 

If we have system tools in GNOME then maybe the distros will contribute
their experience. They don't want to write their own - they want to get it
for free.

> The choice of setup tools as one of the "distro value adds" is sort of
> arbitrary, and I hope the distros would agree that they'd rather pool
> work like this rather than building an arbitrary "value add" 
> area around
> it.

That seems to be the case. I'd like us get started on it.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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