Re: Large slowdowns / networking related


I would do the gdb stack trace too, but rpms in redhat9 have the debug data in a seperate rpm and i don't happen to know where those are.


Michael Meeks wrote:

Hi Joshua,

On Mon, 2003-06-02 at 17:29, Joshua Eichorn wrote:
To reproduce i just added (ip doesn't exist) as the first name server in my resolv.conf. After that starting any gnome app took around 3 seconds longer, the same problem was not see when running xterm.

The area around the slowdown when running an strace on gedit is pasted below.

	Sadly this is slightly too cropped ;-) we need a web link to the
previous 100 lines, or better a stack trace from gdb of a program
interrupted when it's doing this (just being lazy - I imagine it's the
ORB doing something daft).



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