Visual regression with gnome-panel 2.3.x

I'm not sure If I'm the only one that's seening this,
but the default panel setup with 2.3.x is not half as
nice looking as 2.2.x - It's very possible that this
is going to be addressed anyway before 2.4, but I just
want to make sure.

The panels are way too high for my linking. 24px for
16px launchers seems a bit OTT for me. But If I make 
the panels any smaller, launchers and the notification
area are absolutley tiny. What is there so much vertical 
padding on the new panels?

Also is there a reason what panel sizes are specified in
px now in the properties dialog? I think that the human 
readable sizes in 2.2.x were much more user friendly.

That leaves only rounded corners on the panels, but that
isn't half as important as the other two, above.

Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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