Re: Visual regression with gnome-panel 2.3.x

<quote who="Mark Finlay">

> I'm not sure If I'm the only one that's seening this, but the default
> panel setup with 2.3.x is not half as nice looking as 2.2.x - It's very
> possible that this is going to be addressed anyway before 2.4, but I just
> want to make sure.

Not entirely surprising, given the awesome and massive refactoring Mark
McLoughlin has done.

> The panels are way too high for my linking. 24px for 16px launchers seems
> a bit OTT for me. But If I make the panels any smaller, launchers and the
> notification area are absolutley tiny. What is there so much vertical
> padding on the new panels?

Screenshot? My panel icons look okeydokey here.

> Also is there a reason what panel sizes are specified in px now in the
> properties dialog? I think that the human readable sizes in 2.2.x were
> much more user friendly.

I agree. Hopefully some of these issues will be addressed during the UI

> That leaves only rounded corners on the panels, but that isn't half as
> important as the other two, above.


- Jeff

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