Re: Better default background

> The
> background colour is great, but perhaps a bit rainy-day? Dunno, I like it
> better than the current one anyway.
I'm trying it as the background now and when you have the black border of
the screen around it rather than the white border the browser supplies it
looks a bit brighter so I don't think it's too "rainy-day". The actual
colour is #8395ac for those who want to try it without getting out a
colour picker.
The gradient is an abomination. The big problem I had with it (aside from
taste issues) was that I found that the contrast of some icons and text
could be usable at one end of the screen, but not at the other. e.g. I
found fine white text could become hard to read at the bottom (especially
on a crappy nine year old monitor).

 - Callum

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