Re: Better default background

<quote who="Mark Finlay">

> As part of my general crucade to make gnome look better by default I'd
> like to change the default background from blacky purple to an easier on
> the eyes blue.

Awesome, great to have someone tackling this. :-)

> Current default:
> Better default:
> Even Better Default:

Nitpick: A lighter grey for the 'gnome'? The black is a bit jarring. The
background colour is great, but perhaps a bit rainy-day? Dunno, I like it
better than the current one anyway.

> First impressions are extremely important, which is why this is something
> I want to get right. The last time I brought this up durning 2.1.x the
> libgnome maintainer refused my patch, so if you agree with me please reply
> to this...

One thing you might want to work on (if it interests you), in addition to
getting a sweet default, is a set of slick, preferably non-people-photo and
non-logo backgrounds to ship with gnome-desktop by default (or whatever we
decide is a sensible module for them).

Sun shipped a bunch of interesting backgrounds with their 2.0 release for
Solaris -> perhaps we should find out if they're Free for use with GNOME?


- Jeff

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