Re: Better default background

> > Current default:
> > Better default:
> > Even Better Default:
> Nitpick: A lighter grey for the 'gnome'? The black is a bit jarring. The
> background colour is great, but perhaps a bit rainy-day? Dunno, I like it
> better than the current one anyway.

We could use a brighter blue, but I saw that color in one of Eugena's
mockups and it struck me as sexy but sensible at the same time.

As for the image - I'm not sure who made it, I need to track them down
and see if I can get it in a format with layers so that I can cut out
the gnome text. I think it might be better without any text at all, and
if we do use any text we should get an interesting font, and make it a
lighter color as you say.

> One thing you might want to work on (if it interests you), in addition to
> getting a sweet default, is a set of slick, preferably non-people-photo and
> non-logo backgrounds to ship with gnome-desktop by default (or whatever we
> decide is a sensible module for them).

Yeah that would be cool. It would be even cooler if the browse button on
the change background applet used a similar widget that we use for
choosing images to use for launchers.

Unfortunately it's not something that I'll get around to any time before
August. If no-one has done anything by then I might take a look.
Probably a good gnome-love project...

> Sun shipped a bunch of interesting backgrounds with their 2.0 release for
> Solaris -> perhaps we should find out if they're Free for use with GNOME?

So did redhat with 8.x and 9.x I think.

Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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