Re: Cleaning Up gnome-desktop/pixmaps

> > Control Center icons:
> > gnome-ccmime  --- needs to be repaced
> > gnome-ccthemes -- needs to be renamed to gnome-themes
> > gnome-session
> > gnome-cckeyboard-bell
> > gnome-cckeyboard
> >
> > Should I move these to g-i-t as well or should they be moved to the 
> > control center module?
> All control-center icons should be in the control-center tarball, and
> are installed in a separate directory.  These are all legacy should just
> be removed.

AFAICT gnome-ccmine is still used even though there is a much better
icon in the control center module, and the theme applet still uses
gnome-ccthemes. And gnome-session still uses the gnome-session icon -
should probably be in the gnome-session tarball.
Any chance you can take a look at these issues so that I can remove the


Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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